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The DWIH increase the visibility of German innovation leaders around the world. They raise awareness of the German science, research and innovation landscape, advise scientists in Germany and the host countries, and connect actors at the local level.

In six major international cities, German Centres for Research and Innovation (DWIH) strengthen Germany’s role as a land of research, science and innovation. By providing a showcase and joint platform for German research organisations and research-based companies, the DWIH in New York, São Paulo, Moscow, New DelhiTokyo and since January 2022 San Francisco increase the visibility of German innovation leaders.

The DWIH work together with actors in science and business from Germany and the respective host country: with universities and non-university research institutions, with intermediary and funding organisations, and with research-based companies, including start-ups. This gives rise to valuable cross-border networks that interlink science and business. The actors from the various sectors profit equally from the advisory services offered by the DWIH.

The evolution of a global network

Adopted in 2008, the Federal Government’s Strategy for the Internationalization of Education, Science and Research already stressed that a science policy with an increasingly international focus requires Germany’s diverse research and innovation landscape to be properly represented abroad. Building upon the research and academic relations policy initiative the global network of German Centres for Research and Innovation has evolved since 2009. Since 2017, the Federal Foreign Office has been providing funding on an institutional basis for all DWIH via the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany, the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and companies with international operations are involved in the DWIH and their activities.

Together, they pursue four central objectives:


International business people standing in exhibition hall.The DWIH represent the entire German research and innovation landscape in an overarching manner. The joint presentation of German innovation leaders increases their visibility in the host country. As central points of contact, the DWIH bring numerous actors in science and research-based companies together, allowing specific information to be obtained quickly and easily. The DWIH stage events and also offer actors in the host country the opportunity to cooperate with them in the planning of such events. By taking part in science and career fairs, conferences and other platforms for exchange, the DWIH also promote the German research and innovation landscape in a lasting fashion.


A man shows his colleagues strategy plans on the wall.The DWIH promote knowledge about the science, research and innovation landscape of both Germany and the host country for the actors of both countries. They organise specialist events on focal topics and offer a wide range of different formats to provide more detailed information: from seminars to science circle lectures and from symposia to science competitions. Leading science and business representatives give valuable insights into research results and innovation fields.



Four people in a consulting meeting.Thanks to the advice provided by the DWIH, actors from the host country know who to contact in the areas of science, research and innovation in Germany. Newly forged contacts give rise to research collaboration and the commissioning of research projects. The individual advice offered by the DWIH is tailored precisely to the questions raised by those seeking it. Potential collaborations and funding opportunities are presented on a well-founded basis. The DWIH also make their combined expertise available in the area of research and education marketing.


Two men shake hands over a conference table.The DWIH are able to create networks by putting German innovators in touch with local actors and motivating them to step up their engagement in the host country. This gives rise to a valuable platform upon which to expand strategic activities. Through their wide-ranging contacts, the DWIH foster international and interdisciplinary exchange on relevant future topics. Pitch and matchmaking events can lead to genuine cooperative ventures. By organising and accompanying tours of delegates, the DWIH establish a valuable basis that can lead to further collaboration.