DWIH Focus Topics

These overarching focus topics allow the German Centres for Research and Innovation to pool their diverse activities and work jointly with their supporters and international partners to find answers to questions of key relevance to the future.

DWIH focus topic 2024

Artificial Intelligence: Spotlight on People and Society

How can the potential of artificial intelligence be maximized for the benefit of society while minimizing risks as effectively as possible? This question is at the heart of the 2024 focus topic of the German Centres for Research and Innovation (DWIH), explored within their global network.

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DWIH focus topic 2023

The resilient society

Global crises, conflicts and permanent change are challenging societies around the world and causing them to reflect on and conduct research into their resilience. “The resilient society” has been chosen as the focus topic for the German Centres for Research and Innovation (DWIH) in 2023.

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DWIH focus topic 2022

Sustainable innovations

How can societies around the world embark on new paths? What can science, business and politics jointly contribute to sustainable developments? These are the questions that the DWIH will be exploring in their focus topic for 2022.

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DWIH Focus Topic 2021

Society in transition: impacts of the pandemic

Science and innovation offer significant solutions to the social consequences of the corona crisis. This will be illustrated by the DWIH with their focus topic 2021.

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DWIH Focus Topic 2020

Cities and Climate

The world’s major cities play an important role for the future of our world's climate. In the year 2020, the DWIH focus on climate change from an urban perspective.

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DWIH Focus Topic 2019

Artificial Intelligence

Innovations in the area of artificial intelligence (KI) are currently changing every sphere of our lives worldwide. In 2019, the DWIH are staging a wide range of events to connect German and international actors in this field.

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Working Innovatively in a Digital World

The digitisation of the working world is often described as the fourth industrial revolution. And indeed digital innovations are affecting the way we work on every level. In 2018, the DWIH addressed this topic at each of their five locations, shedding light on it from all kinds of different perspectives.

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