Blick von oben auf Kollegen am Konferenztisch bei einem Geschäftsmeeting. © gettyimages/suedhang

The core mission of the DWIH is to represent German science, research and innovation at their respective locations. Work takes place in the following areas: “Information, advertising and marketing”, “Exchange and networks”, and “Service and advice”.

At their respective locations, the German Centres for Research and Innovation (DWIH) represent the German science, research and innovation landscape – regardless of which institutions or companies have their own representation at the site in question. They increase the visibility of German innovation leaders, impart knowledge and advise and connect actors from Germany and the host countries.

Each year, the six centres gear their activities to a focus topic that applies to all the different locations. The focus topic is chosen by the Board of Trustees and picks up on current trends and issues in research and innovation. The focus topic for 2022 is “Sustainable Innovations”.

Setting a focus topic in this way shapes the work of the DWIH in all their activities, which take place in the following three areas: “Information, advertising and marketing”, “Exchange and networks” and “Service and advice”.

Information, advertising and marketing

The DWIH provide information about the German science, research and innovation landscape and advertise Germany as a land of research, including the opportunities it provides for funding and cooperation. To this end, the DWIH use a wide range of event formats and targeted public relations work. These focus on collaboration with scientists and their research institutions, support for cooperative ventures in the area of basic and applied research, and funding of innovation in all areas of science.

Exchange and networks

The DWIH regard themselves as forums for exchange, bringing together German and international representatives of science and research-based companies. Networking between actors from Germany and the respective host country is facilitated, for example through lecture series, summer schools, pitch and matchmaking events, and joint training courses. Science competitions also motivate them to seek or step up their exchange with German innovation leaders.

Service and advice

By providing advice and other services, the DWIH support concrete collaboration projects and bring scientists from Germany and the host countries together. As one-stop shops, the DWIH offer comprehensive advice to young and top-class researchers alike, as well as to research-based companies. German innovation leaders receive all the detailed information they require at the DWIH, not to mention access to local networks and target groups, plus a range of bespoke services. The actors can also take part in and help shape events. Participatory collaboration at the local level exemplifies the added value offered by the DWIH.