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The German Centres for Research and Innovation (DWIH) are a network of German research organisations, universities and research-based companies. In six cities around the world, the DWIH provide a joint platform for German innovation leaders, showcase the capabilities of German research and connect German researchers with local cooperation partners.

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The DWIH increase the visibility of German innovation leaders around the world. They raise awareness of the German science, research and innovation landscape, advise scientists in Germany and the host countries, and connect actors at the local level.

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The core mission of the DWIH is to represent German science, research and innovation at their respective locations. Work takes place in the following areas: “Information, advertising and marketing”, “Exchange and networks”, and “Service and advice”.

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In Germany, the work of the DWIH network is subject to the strategic oversight of a Board of Trustees and a Programme Committee. At the local level, the individual DWIH design their programme of activities in cooperation with their supporters in a local Advisory Board.

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Board of Trustees members

The Board of Trustees brings politicians, scientists and business representatives together. It is the central body responsible for the strategic control of the DWIH. The Board of Trustees is chaired by the Federal Foreign Office and co-chaired by the respective chair of the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany.

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Would you like to learn more about the DWIH network? Are you interested in getting involved at one of the locations and taking advantage of what we offer? The central DWIH management office at the DAAD will be happy to help you.

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